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History of the department

  In 1974, on the basis of the Samarkand Oncological Dispensary, an oncology course was founded at the Department of Hospital Surgery of the Samarkand State Medical Institute. The head of the course was appointed Ph.D. Associate MusayevTolib Musayevich.


  Hasanov Sh.R., Khutiev Ts.S., and Krasnaya M.G. were also accepted for the course as assistants. In 1975, ass. Minnullin I.R. was accepted. Since 1976, due to the increase in the academic load, the Department of Oncology was organized and the following employees were hired. Ravshanov, PhD T.R. and Ph.D. Khoshimov U.O.


  In 1991, Professor Hasanov Shavkat Rizaevich was appointed to the position of head of the department by competition. At the time of his leadership, one doctoral and four candidate dissertations were defended at the department.


  Since 2017, the department has been headed by PhD associate Professor Abdukhalilov Mazhid Mamatkulovich.

Djuraev M.D

  In 2021-2022, the department was headed by Professor Mirzhalol Dehkanovich Juraev. During the short period of head of the department, he significantly increased the scientific and educational potential of the department. He published 1 textbook and 2 textbooks on oncology, published more than 50 articles. Under his leadership, 2 PhD dissertations were defended at the department (Sharipova M.Sh-2021, Ortikova H.Z-2022)

    2022-2023, the department was headed by Doctor of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor N.M. Rakhimov.

    From February to September 2023, the department was headed by PhD Ortikova H.U.

    Since September 2023, the department has been headed by Associate Professor F.G. Ulmasov.  

    Today, the department has 6 employees: head of the department, associate professor Ulmasov F.G., associate professor Minnullin I.R., associate professor Karimova M.N., acting associate professor Shakhanova Sh.Sh., associate Asatulaev A.F. , assistant trainee Esankulova B.S.