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Science club

  The department actively operates a student scientific circle and a School of Excellence under the guidance of Associate professor N.M. Rakhimov. During 2 years, 3 students of the 5th-6th year of the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Medical Pedagogy made presentations and published abstracts at the 72nd, 73rd and 74th scientific student conferences of the Institute, taking prizes among scientific student circles.

  The participation of students in scientific circles is an integral part of the educational process in the work of the department, which employs more than 12 students. The materials of their research work are published annually at the conference of young scientists of the university, and the best works are sent to interuniversity scientific conferences.

  The department encourages all students interested in social and humanitarian problems of medical knowledge and activity to cooperate, encouraging the achievements of the club members.

  During these years, there were 7 residents of the magistracy and completed their planned scientific work. Most of these masters have got a job in various oncological institutions and continue their scientific work, which was started during the master's degree. Currently, 7 residents of the magistracy are studying at the department, conducting scientific research as part of their dissertations.

  The main directions of scientific work in 2022-23 will be: expansion of international cooperation, including with universities of the CIS countries; publications in journals with a high impact factor; reports at leading universities of the republic and international forums; development of student and youth science.

Teachers of the Oncology Department always conduct their activities on the principle of "mentor-student" in the regular conduct of scientific research with the qualification requirements imposed on them at the beginning of the academic year. They use their pedagogical skills to prepare theses and articles for various scientific and practical conferences held in the Republic and abroad. The staff of the department actively organize presentations and explain the principles of patient care and treatment on this topic. One student is assigned to each teacher. There are photo reports on one topic 8 talented students participate in the