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Research work of the department

  In 2022, the department has 13 employees. 2 associate professors of the candidate of medical sciences; 4 assistants work on the approval of PhD topics. The scientific potential of the department is 16.7%.

  The department pays special attention to research work, and our young scientists are taking further steps to conduct research work. Department assistants publish their articles and abstracts in OAK, Google scholar and Scopus journals and are awarded certificates and diplomas. In 2022, there are 45 articles, of which in the republic (VAK): in journals—3, abroad 23, in foreign (VAK) journals—9, included in the Scopus and Web of Science-3 database, and 7 theses.

Monographs published by the staff of the department

The authors

Title of published monographs


Abdullaev D.M.

Islamov N.Kh.

Salamova L.A.

Baratova M.R.

Oripov R.A.

Stimulation Immunity In A Model Of Skin Leishmaniasis


Abdullaev D.M.

Abdullaev H.D.

Akhmedova M.M.

Ashirov Z.F.

Immunity Stimulation in a Cutaneous Leishmaniasis Model

The authors

Name of printed electronic programs


Abdullaev Kh.D., Islamov N.Kh. Salamova L.A. Baratova M.R..

The program for the creation of prognostic measures, taking into account the molecular genetic variants of psoriasis


Narzykulov R.M. Ashirov Z.F. Toshev S.U. Oripov R.A.

"Improvement of medical and preventive care provided in the treatment of chronic dermatoses (on the example of the Samarkand region)