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Morally and educational work of the department

  At the department, spiritual and educational work is carried out according to the plan approved by the vice-rector of the University for spiritual and educational work. The department has a room of spirituality, symbols of Uzbekistan and portraits of the President Mirziyoyev Sh.M. Every Thursday, the responsible assistant of the department Islamov N.Kh. led by the staff of the department and students conducts spiritual and educational hours.

  The department has its own curatorial groups, and all curators of the groups meet regularly with students. Hold meetings with homeowners where students live. In addition, in order to comply with fire safety in the winter season, safety measures are taken on the use of electricity and natural gas. During the winter holidays, in order to ensure the safety of students coming from other regions and districts, organizational measures are taken. All group curators have their own work plan and minutes of meetings, albums.