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International Cooperation Relations

    Report on the international scientific and academic mobility of the delegation of Samarkand State Medical University which was held at the Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University, Kazan State Medical University (Kazan, RF) from May 16 to May 23, 2023.

    Based on the invitation No. dated May 15, 2023 from the rector of the Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, L.R. Safin, and also on the basis of invitation No. 3084 dated May 11, 2023 from the rector of Kazan State Medical University, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, A.S. Sozinov within the framework of the program and implementation of the cooperation agreement between Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University, KSMU and Samarkand State Medical University from May 16 to May 23, 2023, delegation of Samarkand State Medical University Klebleeva G.D., Tolibov M.M. – assistant trainee and resident of the 3rd year of the master's program were sent to the city of Kazan to the Kazan (Privozhsky) Federal University, as well as to the Kazan State Medical University

    Within the framework of scientific and academic cooperation, on May 17, a meeting was held with Vice-Rector for International Affairs Valeeva Albina Albertovna and Mukhamedyarov Marat Aleksandrovich.Questions were discussed on the further development of relations between universities, and in particular between departments. The administration organized a tour of Kazan sights, in particular the Kazan Kremlin, the Kul-Sharif mosque, a tour of the Volga River.

    During the visit, the members of the delegation got acquainted with the simulation center at this university, located in the building of morphology - anatomy, topographic anatomy, a tour of the "med. town."We got acquainted with the structure of the library and the literature used. Visited the department by members of the delegation in their direction, respectively. The head of the Department of Skin and Venereal Diseases held lectures and practical classes for students of the Kazan State Medical University and the Kazan (Volga Region) IFMiB. In total 20 hours of lectures and 16 hours of practical training on the topic: “Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Syphilis. primary syphilis. Immunity in syphilis. Clinical-laboratory and serological diagnostics” were held.

    Familiarized with the order of work of the training center. Furthermore, together with the university staff, consultations were held with patients. When getting acquainted with the educational process, our delegation was especially interested in the process of learning practical skills and accreditation in the simulation center.

    Assistant trainee of the Department of Skin and Venereal Diseases Tolibov M.M. held practical classes in the discipline "Dermatovenereology" for 4th year students of the Faculty of Dentistry on the topic: "Fungal diseases. Pyoderma. Allergodermatosis. Toxidermia”, in the amount of 36 hours.

    Members of the delegation exchanged contact information with colleagues for the purpose of further fruitful cooperation and concluded an agreement on academic mobility in terms of cooperation between Samarkand State Medical University and Kazan (Volga region) FU, as well as with the Kazan State Medical University, which provides for interaction in such areas as improving educational programs; conducting joint scientific research and joint publication of scientific articles; exchange of experience in all areas of medical education and science; holding joint scientific and practical events, master classes, lectures and seminars; joint participation in scientific and educational projects; conducting joint training courses and other educational programs, including online; organization of internships, advanced training and other educational events for students and teachers.

    As a result of this international academic mobility, it should be noted that this cooperation will prepare a new generation of highly qualified specialists who will introduce innovations in the field of medicine in both countries and accelerate this process.