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International Cooperation Relations

  The internationalist tasks of the Samarkand State Medical University are based on the concept of the development of the University, aimed at strengthening its place in the world of international education. The main advantages of internationalization are the increase in the number of students from abroad, the development of joint projects with foreign higher educational institutions and research centers, the increase in the number of researchers and teachers teaching in foreign educational institutions, the increase in the number of joint programs with foreign higher educational institutions. educational institutions that give the opportunity to issue two diplomas.

  The number of highly qualified foreign specialists, professors, students and researchers who annually visit the Department of Dermatology in order to establish dialogues of cooperation, training, advanced training, and participation in scientific conferences is increasing.

  The department regularly organizes lectures and webinars with prestigious MDX medical universities as part of academic mobility through the Zoom online platform. Among them, Associate Professor Abdullaev Davlat Mukumovich of our department to students of the 528th group of the Faculty of Medicine, undergoing practice at the Department of Dermatology of the Ryazan State Medical University, 23. 12. 2021-29. 12. In 2021, I studied online for 12 hours as part of academic mobility through the Zoom platform.

 In addition, associate professors of our department Abdullaev Davlat Mukumovich and Narzikulov Rustam Mardonovich 11. 05. 2022-20. On 05.2022 they visited the Rezyan State Medical University and held a practice for students.