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History of the department

    The Department of "Skin and Venereal Diseases" in the Samarkand region was associated with the opening of a medical institute and has been operating since 1932, together with professors, associate professors and teachers, which has gone through all the historical periods of the development of the university. The staff of this department was small, but it was always engaged in the development of issues that are important for practical health care. The main direction of research work of employees was the improvement of methods of treatment of skin and venereal diseases.

    In 1932, its first head was Professor Dyakov K.A. In 1940, he successfully defended his doctoral dissertation on the topic: "Isolation of mercury preparations by the kidneys in connection with the problem of treating syphilis." Under the leadership of Dyakov K.A. for the first time, soap "K" was invented and applied to itch patients during the Second World War. Under his guidance, in 1945, Zotova M.E. successfully defended her PhD thesis on the topic: "Isolation of salicyl mercury through the kidneys in the treatment of syphilis." In 1946 she defended her PhD thesis Berdnikova M.D. on the topic: "The impact of the products of the vital activity of the silkworm on the skin." In 1956 she defended her thesis Tesalova O.T. on the topic: "Treatment of itchy dermatoses with drugs acting on the central nervous system." In 1958 Khodzhaev Kh.Kh. defended his thesis on the topic: "Treatment of neurodermatosis with the plant lagochilus." In 1963 I.N. Ibragimov found that heliotherapy under louvered screens E.A. Chernyavsky is very effective for neurodermatitis, eczema, scaly lichen, somewhat less - for skin itching. Under the influence of heliotherapy, the temperature of the skin in the former lesions is normalized, its electrical resistance and thermoregulatory reflexes are restored. Teachers I.N. Ibragimov and V.S. Svarichevsky published a monograph in 1962 "Heliotherapy of some skin diseases under the louvered screen of prof. E.A. Cherniavsky".

Professor Dyakov K.A. 1920-1958

    From 1959 to 1972 the head of the department was Professor Suleymanov Karim Suleymanovich. In 1967 K.S. Suleymanov defended his doctoral thesis on the topic: "Materials for pathogenetic therapy and prevention of lupus erythematosus." In 1969 V.I. Kazakova developed the issues of pathogenetic therapy and secondary prevention of patients with vitiligo. In 1970 K.S. Suleimanov published a monograph on the topic "Lupus erythematosus".

Professor Suleymanov K.S  1959-1972

    From 1972 to 1984, the department was headed by Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences F.I.Ibragimov. In 1970, he was the author of the monograph "Fungal Diseases of Man", he was also one of the organizers of the construction of the laboratory of the Regional K.V.D. and was one of the oldest employees of this dispensary.

Professor Ibragimov F.I. 1972-1984

    From 1984 to 2001, the department was headed by Professor Shodiev Khaknazar Shodievich. Under the guidance of prof. K.S. Suleimanov in 1975 H.Sh. Shadyev successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis on the topic: "Evaluation of the pathogenetic treatment of vitiligo and secondary prevention." He is the author of 72 scientific papers. His scientific work is of great interest all over the world, he left a noticeable mark in many sections of dermatology. Kh.Sh. Shodiev's works on regional features of allergic dermatoses among astrakhan breeders and leather workers are fundamental.

Professor Shodiev K.Sh  1984-2001

    From 2002 to 2018, the department was headed by Abdullaev Davlat Mukumovich . In 1990, at the Research Institute of Immunology in Moscow, he successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis on the topic “Immunostimulatory properties of membrane-active compounds”. In his scientific activity he published more than 50 scientific papers, 2 educational and methodical manuals. Abdullaev Davlat Mukumovich heads the society of dermatovenereologists of the Samarkand region.

Dos. Abdullaev D.M 2002-2018

    Ashirov Zahid Fayazjonovich headed the department from 2019 to 2022. He is the author of more than 50 scientific papers.

Ashirov Z.F. 2019-2022

    Since February 2023, the department has been headed by Guzal Davlyatovna Klebleeva. The topic of the dissertation of the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Medical Sciences: “Peculiarities of the clinical course of dermatological manifestations in patients who have had COVID -19 infection” in Medical Sciences, specialty 14.00.11 - Dermatology and Venereology, at the defense stage. He is the author of 15 scientific papers. Subjects taught: "Dermatovenerology" and "Pediatric dermatovenerology". Klebleeva G.D. is currently working on her doctoral dissertation.

Go‘zal  Davlyatovna Klebleyeva (PhD) 

    To date, the staff of the department has laid the foundation for modern teaching methods. It is planned to introduce high-tech methods, teach new teachings and skills directly in working with patients, share the experience of doctors and a differentiated approach to teaching doctors of various qualifications. Educational programs for clinical residents, residents of the magistracy and residents of professional retraining, general and thematic improvement, which are in great demand among young doctors, experienced dermatovenereologists and doctors of related specialties.

    At the Department of Skin and Venereal Diseases, a new form of education was developed in the form of distance teaching, which was a way to implement the learning process based on the use of modern information technologies that allow learning at a distance without direct, personal contact between the teacher and the student. All this made it possible to come to the solution of two interrelated tasks: increasing the efficiency of classroom lessons and independent work of students. At the same time, in the electronic version of each topic, additional materials are used in the form of lecture presentations developed at the department, electronic teaching aids, designed in the form of text files, test control at the end of each topic.

    The department combines the fundamental principles of the innovation process in medicine: education and scientific research with the consistent promotion of use that significantly improves the quality of the skin and the quality of life. A distinctive feature of the current stage of development of the dermatovenereological specialty at the department is the study of medical cosmetology, trichology and various aspects of modern diagnostics and treatment of patients with skin diseases using laser hardware cosmetology using the " Excilite µ -308" DEKA device ( Italy).

    Professors, associate professors, senior lecturers and assistants who headed and worked in different years made their significant contribution to the development of the department: Zotova M.E., Berdnikova M.D., Kh o dzhaev H.Kh. , Tesalova O.T., Kazakova V. .I., Rustamov A.A., Zhuraeva O.K.