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Educational and methodical work of the department


    Currently, students of the 4th year of the medical, pediatric, dental, medical-preventive, medical-pedagogical faculty, as well as students from Korea on the subject of "dermatovenereology" are studying at the department. In addition, 3 residents of the magistracy and 4 clinical residents are being trained.

    On the created computer platform, practical and theoretical classes are held at the department. Classes are held in full compliance with state requirements. The educational process is carried out with the full use of modern technologies available in all departments of the regional dermatovenerological dispensary.

    During the cycle of dermatovenereology, all the necessary conditions were created for students to receive in-depth knowledge. In particular, special attention was paid to the implementation by students of practical skills necessary for training general practitioners - work in dressing rooms, participation in night duty 1-2 times and more. Evaluation criteria are determined step by step, indicating the purpose of the practical skill, instructions, technique.

  Training is conducted according to the following approved documents for each course and faculty:

  – Qualification characteristics;

  - State standard;

  - Academic plan;

  – Educational work program;

  – Educational technologies include:

  – Changes based on Order No. 80 CER of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

  – approved diagnostic standards;

  – international recommendations;

  – modern educational technologies (graphic organizers, case technology and project method).

  During training, the following technical means are available:

  A telecommunications system has been established, video films, presentations, multimedia programs, lectures and practical classes are shown using TVs connected to a central computer. There is a single bank of scanned images that are designed for unified learning based on the curriculum and correspond to all the lessons of the curriculum.

  Department Library:

  • The library has more than 40 titles of educational literature in English, Uzbek and Russian.
  • The electronic library includes textbooks, atlases, teaching aids, teaching aids, etc.

  For students, the reception of patients on the topic is organized in the offices of ultrasound and radiation diagnostics.

  The teachers of the department published the following methodological manuals:

  Fungal diseases of the skin // Methodical manuals for residents, clinical residents and senior students of medical universities. Samarkand, 2016

  Patients with suppuration of the skin // Methodical manuals for residents, clinical residents and students of medical universities. Samarkand, 2016

  General dermatology // Methodical manuals for graduate students, clinical residents and students of medical universities. Samarkand, 2016.