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Research work of the department

  This year the staff members of the department carried out scientific research in the direction "Improvement of methods of anesthesiological support of surgical patients with comorbidities".

  In all, 12 professors and teachers took part in scientific work. 1 head of department, c.m.s., professor, 1 c.m.s., associate professor, 10 assistants worked. Also this year 25 clinical residents and 3 master's students were trained, 1 of them was employed as a trainee-assistant in the department after graduation of master's degree. This year, 1 master's student and 8 paramedics were enrolled in the 1st year.

  The educational bases of the Department are located in the resuscitation department of multidisciplinary clinic of SamSMU, regional multidisciplinary children's medical center, regional cardiology center.

  All in all 75 scientific articles, thesis and 4 educational-methodical and methodical recommendations are published in academic year 2021-22. From them 10 for the far abroad countries, 20 for the CIS countries, 45 for the Republic, 4 computer programs, 1 monograph, 3 textbooks. The articles are published in 3 scientific journals of Scopus databases. On average there are 7 articles and scientific works for each staff member. There are 4 independent researchers in the department.

  Our talented students participating in SSS actively participated in international Olympiads and scientific conferences held in BuxDTI, AndDTI, TTA, SamDTU, ToshPTI, won prizes and were awarded 12 diplomas and 10 certificates. In November 2021 members of medical staff of department took part in international student Olympiad on direction "Emergency Medical Care", held in Omsk State Medical University of Russia, and were awarded with international certificate, taking 6th place among 46 teams.