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Educational and methodical work of the department


    Students of the faculty of 3 courses of dentistry in the department "Therapy and Clinical Allergology" , students of the Faculty of 6 courses of treatment and medical pedagogy "Ambulator Polyclinic Therapy " , 4 courses of treatment faculty second higher education, students of the Faculty of Medicine "Internal Diseases" Students of the MD Faculty of Medicine receive 3-4 "Internal Disease" courses, 5th grade MD students are enrolled in the Clinic Allergology program.

  The department trains highly qualified specialists in the direction of master's and clinical ordination.

  Training is carried out for each course and faculty on the following approved documents:
– Qualification characteristics;

– Country standard;

– Curriculum;

– Curriculum;– Educational work program;

– Amendments to teaching technologies in accordance with order No. 80 of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

– approved standards of diagnosis;

– international recommendations;

– modern teaching technologies (graphic organizers, key technology and project method).

  The following technical supports are available in the teaching process

  A telecommunications system has been established and videos, presentations, multimedia programs, lectures, and practical workshops related to the topic are displayed using TVs connected to a central computer. There is only one bank of scanned images designed for unifitsired learning, compiled on the basis of the curriculum d astur, and corresponds to all b deaths of the curriculum.

  Library of the department:

  • The library contains more than 4 0 textbooks in English, Uzbek, and Russian.
  • The electronic library includes textbooks, atlases, textbooks, textbooks, and so on.

  For students, subject-related patients are visible in RSHTYIM SF in emergency therapy departments 1 to 2 and in card reanimation departments and ECHO, EKG rooms, ultrasound and rheumatological diagnostics rooms.