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Science club

   The research work of students at the Department of 2-I Diseases and Cardiology is carried out by organizing meetings of a student scientific circle called "Young Cardiologists" and holding separate meetings of international and republican students on the framework of scientific and practical conferences held at Samarkand State Medical University. Students prepare research on the current problems of clinical practice knowledge for the republican competitions of research work, philosophical, methodological and bioethic problems of modern medicine.

  At the beginning of the academic year, teachers of the 2nd Department of Internal Diseases and Acadiology are always conducting their activities based on the teaching principle of conducting regular scientific research with the talented requirements attached to them. They work on the basis of their long-pedogical skills in preparing theses and articles for various scientific and practical conferences held on the scale of the State, ISU and abroad. It is actively prepared by the staff of the department toexplain the presentations held and the principles of vacuuming patients on this topic. Each teacher prepares a group of topics with one student attached, a monthly meeting, and a photographic statement on each topic. All students interested in the department call for cooperation in the socio-humanitarian problems of medical knowledge and activities, encouraging the achievements of members of the circle.

  Sunnatova Gulbahor Ismatovna, the head teacher responsible for the work of the group, is the author of more than 100 scientific papers today.

  Leader of the group: Abdullah M. D., resident of 2 stages of master's degree in cardiology, author and co-author of 25 scientific papers, and winner of the rector's scholarship.

  The group consists of 34 students, whose clinical and practical knowledge will be improved. Members of the circle participate in all international conferences of the University and take appropriate positions.