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    Educational and methodical work of the department

      In the Department of Infectious Diseases, the 4th, 5th, and 6th courses of pediatrics, the 5th course of medical pedagogy, treatment work, the 4th course of medical prevention, the 4th course of dentistry, the 1st course of family nursing, the 3rd course of medical biology, the 2nd course of folk medicine, Students of the 4th year medical faculty (citizens of the state of Korea) study on the basis of the programs of "Infectious diseases, children's infectious diseases", "Infectious diseases, epidemiology", "Infection control", "Clinical epidemiology", "Parasitology".

      In the department, the training of highly qualified specialists in the direction of master's degree and clinical residency has been started, and practical and theoretical classes are conducted in the specialties "Infectious diseases", "Children's infectious diseases". In the department, master's and clinical registrars are regularly trained in their specialty knowledge and skills during the academic year together with the professors and teachers of the department and the doctors of the hospital.

      In the Department of Infectious Diseases, cooperation relations have been established with professors and teachers of other medical universities of our republic, information on the specialty is exchanged during the academic year.

      Training is conducted according to the following approved documents for each course and faculty:

    – Qualifying characteristics;

    - State standard;

    - Curriculum;

    - Educational working program;

    - Educational technologies include:

    - Amendments based on Order No. 80 of the SSV of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

    - approved diagnostic standards;

    – approved treatment standards;

    - international recommendations;

    - modern educational technologies (graphic organizers, case technology and project method).

      The following technical supplies are available during training:

      The Department of Infectious Diseases has a telecommunications system for organizing the educational process, video films, presentations, multimedia programs, lectures and practical exercises on the subject are shown using televisions connected to the central computer. There is a single bank of scanned images that are designed for unified teaching based on the curriculum and correspond to all sections of the curriculum.

      Department library:

    • The library has more than 80 educational literature in English, Uzbek and Russian languages.
    • The electronic library includes textbooks, atlases, training manuals, teaching-methodical manuals, etc.

      Enrichment of the library of the department is regularly updated every year. The staff of the department in cooperation with other medical universities, colleges and technical institutes of our republic create training manuals, teaching-methodical manuals, monographs.

      In order for students to work on patients related to the topic, diagnostic practice is organized for all patients through clinical examinations, instrumental examinations (UTT, fibroscan), general and biochemical analysis, bacteriological and serological examination methods (cultures, IFA, PCR).