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Science club

  The research circle of students at the department of "Infectious Diseases" is called "Young infectious disease scientists". The activity of the scientific circle of students at the department is carried out within the framework of scientific and practical conferences with international and republican participation of students. The activities of the scientific circle are carried out by analyzing clinical cases, reports, presentations and meetings. Students prepare scientific articles and abstracts for republican and international conferences on topical issues of infectious diseases, modern methods of examination and the problems of their prevention measures.

  17 students and masters work at the Department of Infectious Diseases, which are distributed among the teachers of the department. Responsible for the scientific circle at the department is the senior teacher Zhuraev Shavkat Abdulvakhidovich.

  01/26/2022 at the International Online Olympiad, held at the Bukhara State Medical Institute. Abu Ali ibn Sina, 2nd year master Subkhonova Sarvinoz, (scientific adviser PHD Ergasheva M.Ya) took 2nd place. Isokov Zh., student of group 613 of the pediatric faculty (supervisor, senior lecturer Zhuraev Sh.A.), Vakhobova Nilufar 2nd year master (supervisor PHD Ergasheva M.Ya.), Marupova M.D. master of the 2nd year (Scientific adviser: assistant Juraeva K.S.), Absaitov Rahmatullo, student of group 505 of the pediatric faculty (scientific adviser: assistant Tirkashev O.S.), Mirkhakimova Fariza, student of group 621 of the pediatric faculty (scientific adviser Ph.D. .n. Orzikulov A.O.), Nematov Humoyun, student of group 605 of the pediatric faculty (supervisor of Asc. Rustamova Sh.A.), Aliyev Shukhrat, student of group 527 of the pediatric faculty (supervisor of research assistant Bakhrieva Z.D.), Khudaimuratov Fayozbek student of group 524 of the pediatric faculty (supervisor Dzhumaeva N.S.), Davronova Makhliyo student of group 502 of the pediatric faculty (supervisor assistant Mustaeva G .B.) and Hazratkulov Amirjon, student of group 516 of the pediatric faculty (supervisor assistant Yakubova N.S.) took 3rd place.

  At the 17th scientific and practical symposium held at the State Medical University of Tajikistan named after Abu Ali ibn Sino by members of the scientific circle "Young infectious disease specialists", 2 theses were published and 1 report was made (Clinical characteristics of patients with Covid-19 of various age groups based on the material of SamOKIB. Master 2 course Subkhonova S.K. Supervisor: PHD Ergasheva M.Ya.)