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Science club

    In the 2022-2023 academic year, on the basis of the Department of Infectious Diseases of the Faculty of Pediatrics, 18 members of the scientific circle “Young Infectious Diseasesists” were organized, of which 2 master’s students and 3 clinical residents were accepted as members. of them actively participated in the circle held at the department. Each member of the circle is attached to the teachers of the department and actively participates in scientific research in the “teacher-student” tradition.

    During the academic year, 23 meetings of the scientific circle were held. Members of the scientific circle are provided with information on the procedure for conducting scientific research, collecting primary documents, recording and storing them. Throughout the year, master classes are held on the preparation of scientific articles and dissertations, their types, components, rules for working with scientific literature, methods of collecting materials and working on them, conclusions and discussion of research, and rules for their publication.

    During the 2022-2023 academic year, members of  scientific circle analyze participation in local and international scientific and practical conferences, the formation of students’ oratory skills, the results of the work performed and the results of scientific work. In addition, members of each circle make presentations on various topics, actively participate in practical activities, and independently practice practical skills.

    The total number of international and republican scientific articles and dissertations published by students during the 2022-2023 academic year by members of scientific circle is 30.

    In the International Scientific Olympiad “Samarkand-2020”, organized by SamDTU on December 16-17, 2022, employees of the department took an active part and won diplomas and nominations, of which 5 students received diplomas (Kilicheva Nodira I, Bahronov Shkhzod II, Temirov Oybek II, Eshtemirov Laziz III, Kilichov Sherbek III), 9 student nominations (Umarov Umurzok, Khasanova Nafisa, Kochkarov Nodirbek, Khamidova Manurakhon, Zakirov Shohijon, Kurbanov Alisher, Kurbanov Shahboz, Umarov Firuz, Burkhanov Temurbek).

    In the III International Scientific Olympiad “From the teachings of Abu Ali ibn Sina - to the third RENAISSANCE”, organized by BooksDTI on March 9-10, 2023, employees of the department took an active part and won diplomas and nominations, of which 7 students received diplomas (Kuchkarov Nodirbek, 1st degree, Turaev Jasur II degree, Misha Yasin II degree, Abdullaev Ilkhom III, Bahronov Jakhongir III, Shodizoda Saidkamol III, Makhmudova Umida III degree), 3 student nominations (Mukhammed Ahmed Irashad, Hamidova Manzurahan, Nurboeva Iroda).

    Members of 2 circles of the department Bahronov Jahongir Jasurovich and Davronova Makhliyo Alisher took an active part in the III International Scientific Olympiad “FOLLOWERS OF AVICENA”, organized by the Tashkent Medical Academy on April 19-20, 2023, and won a diploma and certificate of the III degree. . .

    In the 77th international scientific and practical conference “ACHIEVEMENTS OF FUNDAMENTAL, APPLIED MEDICINE AND PHARMACY”, organized by SamDTU on May 19-20, 2023, employees of the department took an active part and received diplomas and nominations, including 12 student diplomas (Nurboeva Iroda I, Sabirova Asal I degree, Bakhronov Jakhongir II degree, Islamov Sanzhar II, Uralov Javakhir II, Subkhonova Sarvinov II, Iskanderova Sabina II, Kuchkarov Nodirbek II degree, Nematov Humayun II degree, Vakhobova Nilufar III, Saidov Khusniddin III degree, Misha Yasin III degree) , 1 student nomination (Khamidov Fozilbek).