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Educational and methodical work of the department

  Currently, in accordance with the curriculum and scientific programs, the department conducts educational and laboratory classes in the following disciplines:

  • Criminalistics - 3 credits,
  • Legal basis of the doctor's activity-2 credits

  The information of lectures and practical classes on the organization and improvement of the effectiveness of educational and laboratory classes at a high level is presented by modern educational literature on disciplines, observations of expert practice, as well as moodlle training in the traditional mode with extensive use of the materials of the e-learning platform is carried out with extensive use of the capabilities of the divisions of the Samarkand branch of RSTEIAM.

Information from lectures is posted on the e-learning platform with high-quality presentations, recorded and placed in voice mode.

  According to the practical skills fixed in the subject programs, the department has developed a set of educational and methodological recommendations, all of which are mastered with demonstration in educational and laboratory facilities and educational base units. And for online lessons, all practical skills are prepared in voice mode and posted on the learning platform. A technique for step-by-step execution of skills has also been created.

  The assessment of students' knowledge is carried out in accordance with the current "charter" in the form of a current assessment (DB) and a final assessment (YB). DB and YB are conducted by oral questioning, solving test questions and situational questions, as well as performing practical skills. Strict control and constant monitoring of student attendance has been established, respectively, the attendance rate is 99.6% -99.8%, and mastering is 98-99%.

  In 2020, on the initiative of the CER and the management of the Institute, an international scientific olympiad of students, master's residents and clinical residents in criminology was organized.More than 120 candidates from 27 higher educational institutions and prestigious centers from 7 countries took part in it.

  The scientific direction of the department is actual problems of forensic medical examination – "assessment of mechanogenesis and thanatogenesis in injuries caused by factors of joint exposure". 2 doctoral and 8 PhD theses have been defended in this direction. Over the past 5 years, more than 250 scientific articles, 57 teaching aids and recommendations, 20 rationalization proposals have been put into practice.

  In 2020-2021, the teachers of the department published 5 textbooks, 8 textbooks, 5 monographs, 18 methodological recommendations, 126 scientific articles.

  The department hosted the Republican seminar of forensic experts on the study of physical evidence (1986), the All-Union Meeting of Chief Forensic Experts and the plenum of the Scientific Council on Forensic Medicine of the former Union Academy of Medical Sciences (October 1988), the Republican scientific and practical conference "Actual problems of forensic medicine and medical law" (October 17-18, 2004). September) held.

  The staff of the department participated in many prestigious congresses, including the All-Union Congress of Forensic Medical Experts (1984,1988.), the Congress of Forensic Medical Experts of Kazakhstan (1989), the All-Russian Congress of Forensic Medical Experts (1992, Saratov, 2010, Moscow), the Republic of Belarus forensic medical experts 2 – Congresses (2009), International Forum of morphologists (2006, 2007), Congresses of Morphologists of Uzbekistan (2000, 2004), Congress of Dentists of Uzbekistan (2004, 2005), Republican scientific conferences of forensic experts and criminologists (2004-2021) and actively participates in major prestigious international conferences (forums).

  In recent years, the organization of webinars, classes within the framework of academic mobility, open lectures and preparation of scientific papers have been organized in educational and laboratory classes and research activities together with the teaching staff of prestigious foreign medical universities, including Kazan State Medical University, St. Petersburg Pediatric Medical University and Izhevsk State Medical Academy. articles.

  Almost all teachers of the department on a permanent basis perform expert work in the relevant departments of the branch, are on duty, and also participate in all events of the branch, including clinical and anatomical conferences, Investigative (judicial) experiment, exhumation processes and court hearings as experts (experts).

  Due to the wide involvement of talented young specialists in scientific and pedagogical activities among graduates of the master's degree and clinical residency, uninterrupted provision of the department with teachers-teachers is achieved. Among the graduates of the master's degree program involved in teaching, 6 received the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), and 4-scientific research on doctoral dissertations. Most of the graduates of the specialties today work effectively in the Republican Scientific and Practical Center of the SRT and its branches (Samarkand, Navoi, Kashkadarya, Surkhandarya region), and all of them have the status of state experts. Among them, scientific research is carried out in cooperation with the department and under its direct supervision.

  Accordingly, large-scale educational work will be carried out at the department within the framework of 5 important initiatives put forward by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, with those who live in coaching streams and groups attached to this direction, information hours in the learning process and in the corresponding mahallas, student dormitories and rental apartments.