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International Cooperation Relations

  The internationalist tasks of the Samarkand State Medical University are based on the concept of university development and are aimed at strengthening its place in the world of international education. The main advantages of internationalization are the increase in the number of students from abroad, the development of joint projects with foreign higher educational institutions and research centers, the increase in the number of researchers and teachers teaching in foreign educational institutions, the increase in the number of joint programs with foreign higher educational institutions. institutions that give the possibility of issuing two diplomas.

  Samarkand State Medical University creates conditions for the organic integration of education and scientific activities with industrial practice, using modern innovative and scientific and pedagogical technologies, the latest achievements of medicine together with foreign educational institutions in the field of medicine. In order to exchange ideas and experience of qualified professors, scientific specialists, regular cooperation is carried out with the world's leading educational institutions.

  To date, close cooperation has been established with a number of medical universities and research institutes of the Russian Federation. In cooperation, complex lectures, practical seminars, presentations of scientific works are held.

  December 16-24, as part of a group of professors of the Samarkand State Medical University, the head of the department, Associate Professor Samieva Gulnoza Utkurovna participated in academic mobility programs at the North-Western State Medical University named after I.I. Mechnikov , at the First State Medical University of St. Petersburg named after I.P. Pavlov. On December 21, in the Red Hall of the Mariinsky Palace, the SamDTI delegation was met by Alexander Rzhanenkov , Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg on social policy and health care . Touching on the topic of constructive cooperation between Uzbekistan and St. Petersburg in the field of medicine, cases of illness of medical workers in a pandemic, he thanked the members of the delegation for their selfless service in a difficult situation

  Also during the conversation, during the Second World War, military doctors of the Military Medical Academy named after S.M. Kirov, evacuated to Samarkand, after graduation 3 times went to the front. They also remembered the evacuation of Leningraders to Uzbekistan and how they were met by the Uzbeks. During the visit, our professors and teachers got acquainted with the educational process at St. Petersburg Medical University and the work of the simulation center. There was an exchange of experience regarding the conduct of the educational process, the organization of lectures and practical classes. Laboratory work was carried out on the basis of modern medical technologies. Practical and lecture classes were held for groups and streams.

  During the meeting, which was held in a friendly atmosphere, the delegation of Samarkand State Medical University and St. Petersburg Medical Universities signed agreements on cooperation in educational, methodological, cultural and educational work within the framework of academic mobility.

  They acknowledged that this collaboration will stimulate the preparation of a new generation of highly qualified specialists who will pave the way for innovative innovations in medicine and accelerate this process in both countries.

  Also 2 young teachers of the department Yuldasheva F.I. and Safoeva Z.F. returned from studies, which took place at the Moscow Regional Research Clinical Institute (MONIKI). They got acquainted with modern medical and diagnostic innovative methods for academic mobility.

  To ensure the implementation of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated April 1, 2022, PP No. 188 “On the establishment of Samarkand State Medical University and further improvement of the personnel training system in the field”, employees of the Department of Pathological Physiology visited the 79th comprehensive school of Kushrabad district during the year . The staff of the department gave educational and methodological recommendations on the conduct of the educational process in this school.