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Science club

  Pathological physiology in the department students scientific society " Yosh pathophysiologists _ _ _ named students scientific society meetings organize , Samarkand _ State medicine at the university being past international and republic of students scientific and practical conferences within scientific article and theses with participation to achieve , separate subsidiary meetings transfer through done is increased . Students scientific research of work republic selections for of pathophysiology current problems , modern in medicine diseases etiology and pathogenesis problems according to research their work they prepare

  " Young pathophysiologists " students _ scientific society chairman chair manager Assoc Samiyeva Gulnoza Utkurovna , TIJ activity for in charge leader teacher Khalikova Farida Farkhodovna , " Yosh pathophysiologists " captain : F arachnoza Olimjonova , medical and pedagogy Faculty 4th grade student .

  to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs each 1-3 courses per year students lesson in training activities and own interests according to choose is taken and each one student for scientific leader will be appointed . to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs a member students with each study 45-50 ha per year near article and theses prepared and authoritative international at conferences participation enough . Students took 1st and 2nd places take over they are coming

  Har 2 times a month held in meetings diseases of pathophysiology current problems dedicated documents and laboratory works will be held .