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International Cooperation Relations

  Samarkand State Medical University currently carries out a lot of work on its international goals.In particular, international goals are aimed at strengthening its position in international education based on the concept of development of the institute.Based on these objectives, increase foreign requirements a number of joint projects with other foreign institutions of higher education and research centers, increase the number of foreign faculty, develop joint programs with double-degree

  At present the Chair of Biological Chemistry is actively involved in many projects aimed at strengthening ties between the University and foreign countries. In particular, joint programs and groups of academic mobility have been created with universities in Europe, Asia and the CIS on the basis of the right of equal rights.

  Throughout the history of our department, we have had international relations with many foreign universities. A number of universities, research centers in the Russian Federation, prestigious universities of Kazakhstan, universities of European countries, etc.

  Each year, in cooperation with various departments of the university sector organizes many scientific Olympiads, scientific conferences, master classes, in particular, in the academic year 2021-2022 in December was held International Olympiad "Samarkand-2022", in which participated staff of the department with the team of the university.Laboratory question of International Olympiad was evaluated by teachers of the department.Below are pictures from the Olympiad.

  Besides international webinars and academic mobility were organized. Lecturers of foreign universities organized classes for students and lecturers of the department. This helps to further increase communication with other international higher educational institutions.

  In our chair we conduct training sessions on biological chemistry for foreign students in English and Russian languages. Students come and study in Pakistan,India,South Korea,Kazakhstan,Turkmenistan. Professors of the chair teach them in English. Of course,all these activities are aimed at attracting foreign and other youth to the university.

  Geography of cooperation: the department has connections and cooperative dialogues with more than 10 higher education institutions and research centers in the near and far abroad:

- Colleagues in European countries:

- St. Petersburg Institute of Pediatrics

- Northwestern Medical University named after I. Mechnikov

- Kazakhstan State Medical University