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Morally and educational work of the department

  1. Organizational issues related to the systematic coordination of spiritual and educational work: In this department, the teachers of our department are on duty at the student residence No. 3 on the days set by the University.

  2. Raising the spiritual maturity of the person. Every week between Tuesday and Friday, the department holds a spiritual hour together with students.

  3. Formation of a culture of religious tolerance. On the occasion of November 16 - the International Day of Religious Tolerance, in order to protect students from religious bigotry, spiritual classes were held in our department on the formation of a culture of tolerance between religions and sects. The employees of our university and department actively participate in the meetings organized by the Office of Muslims of Uzbekistan in cooperation with the Samarkand regional representative on the topic "Interethnic harmony, interreligious tolerance and its importance".

  4. Formation of political and legal knowledge and culture. The published books of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Sh. M. Mirziyoyev, speeches in the newspaper, decisions of the Cabinet of Ministers and the materials of the sessions of the Supreme Council, all the laws and decrees adopted by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan are read to teachers and students in the spiritual class held every Thursday. In addition to imparting spiritual and moral knowledge, the formation of ecological knowledge and culture is carried out in our department.

  5. Formation of ideological immunity and ideological combativeness. In order to prevent religious bigotry, extremism, and terrorist organizations, on the formation of ideological immunity and ideological combativeness among students, our department has organized on the topics "Religious extremism - the enemy of peace and development", "Educational Islam - condemns fanaticism" seminars and trainings were organized between teachers and students.

  6. Celebrating national holidays, historical dates and birthdays of great ancestors. Topics and necessary materials are prepared for "Spiritual Hours" to promote national values and traditions, the rich heritage of our ancestors. We held spiritual classes on March 8 International Women's Day. A.Navoiy and Z.M.Babur held spiritual classes dedicated to the birthdays of our grandfathers, with the participation of the leaders of our University, who gave a lecture about what they did in their time.

  On January 14, on the occasion of "Defenders of the Fatherland" day, together with the members of our department H.I.Nurboyev, D.A.Tashmurodov and Sh.Kh.Keldiyorova, we went to the "Training of junior sergeants" school in Samarkand.

  Military doctor Lt. Col. A. Jumayev, A. Urozaliyev, A. Norkulov at the meeting. Sergeants Kh. Ulmasov, D. Davronova and M. Talibov participated.

  The members of our department held an event dedicated to the 686th anniversary of Amir Temur's birth on April 9 at TTJ No. 1. Our event was organized by the initiative of the head of the department Q. Khalikov Q.M. The winning students were awarded modest gifts of the department.

  On May 9 of this year, in connection with the Day of Remembrance and Appreciation, on May 7, the members of our department H.I. Nurboyev, G. .Usarov and Sh.Keldiyorova went to the military school. Associate professor of the department, etc. H.I.Nurboyev told the gathering about the President's attention to the military sphere and the conditions created for them and once again congratulated everyone on the holiday. Then Sh. Keldiyorova came out to congratulate the people and congratulated the people on the holiday. We took photos at the end of the event.

  At the request of the governor of Samarkand region and the head of our university, J.A. Rizayev, a contract was signed with the 70th general secondary school of Kuvkalla MFY, Khushrobod district, in order to conduct mentor-student work with schools. In this regard, the members of our department spent the year with the 70th general secondary education school of Khushrabod district. And they have been helping the school with their textbooks to conduct classes at a high-quality level. On May 14, 2022, Associate Professor V.B. M. U. Djalilov, associate professor v.b. Kh.I.Nurboyev went to the 70th general secondary school under the leadership of assistants N.K.Murtazayeva and S.A.Khalimova. District governor H.K. Okbutayev and poet Sabir Unarlar also took part in the event.

On the occasion of May 9th day of memory and honor, members of the department attended the Training School of junior specialists(sergeants) in Samarkand(may 9, 2022)

On the occasion of the defender of the Fatherland Day, January 14, members of the department attended the Training School of junior specialists(sergeants) in Samarkand( January 14, 2022)

Members of the department in the traditions of the teacher-student with the 70th school team owned by Kuvkalla MFY of the Koshrabot District (may 18, 2022)