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History of the department

  In 1930, the department of "general chemistry" was established at the Samarkand Medical Institute. Until 1933, the department was headed by Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor N.L. Merkulovich. During this period, the staff of the department published 18 scientific papers, 1 monograph was published and 1 Ph.D. thesis was defended.

Merkulovich N.L.

  In 1933-1936 the department was headed by Professor LN Parfentiev.

Parfentev L.N.

  Since 1938, the name of the department was changed and it became known as the department of "inorganic chemistry" and until 1946 it was headed by associate professor A.A. Shamshurin. Over the years, the staff of the department carried out scientific research in various fields of inorganic chemistry and they published more than 30 scientific articles, defended one candidate's thesis. From 1946 to 1964, the department was headed by associate professor S. F. Babak. Under his leadership, the department carried out research work on the topic "Complex compounds of alkaloids and pyrimidine derivatives."

Babak S.F.

  In 1930, the Department of Biochemistry was also created, which from 1931 to 1961 was headed by Professor L. N. Lapin. During this period, the staff of the department developed modern micromethods for the determination of sulfanilamide preparations, vitamin C, cholesterol, chlorine salts, and acetone bodies in the blood.

Lapin L.N.

  In 1964, the Departments of General Chemistry and Biological Chemistry and Assoc. I. G. Priev was appointed head of the department. During this period, the staff of the Department of Organic Chemistry developed a new method for the synthesis of carbazide and investigated the biological significance of microelements. As a result, new conclusions were obtained that are important for practical healthcare.

Priev I.G.

  In December 1977, the department was divided into the departments of bioinorganic, physical chemistry and bioorganic, biological chemistry. Associate Professor of the Department K. A. Askarov began to lead the Department of Bioinorganic, Physical Chemistry. During these years, the department increased attention to scientific research. As a result, 4 doctoral (Askarov K.A., Ivnitsky D.M., Davronov M.D., Mirzaev B.S.) and 12 candidate (Rashidova S.T., Muratov I.M., Toshmatova R.T., Yunusova Z.Yu., Iskandarov K.I., Yulaev M.F., Dmitrieva D. Daniyarov, N. Tangiyarikov and others) dissertations. Published six monographs, more than 450 scientific and educational articles. During this period, the staff of the department issued copyright certificates for 20 scientific discoveries, 2 patents based on about 30 scientific conclusions.