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Morally and educational work of the department

    The Department of Internal Medicine №3 holds an "Hour of information and spirituality" every Thursday. Materials are provided by the spirituality department. Also, employees of the department actively participate in all events organized by our university.

    Taking care of the younger generation, the desire to bring up a healthy and harmonious personality is one of the features of the national character of the Uzbek people. Therefore, spiritual and educational work is the most important area of activity of the Department of Internal Medicine № 3. Spiritual and educational work in the department is conducted continuously on the approved plan. This work is coordinated and organized by the teacher responsible for this work Sheranov A.M.

    The department's faculty conducts outreach to students:

  • works and speeches of President Mirziyoyev, familiarization with decrees and decisions of Oliy Majlis and Cabinet of Ministers, as well as carrying out spiritual and educational work in order to bring up a harmonious generation, improve and improve the qualities of universal, national and spiritual outlook of young people;
  • the successful implementation and development of creative reforms in the Republic;
  • Formation of a philosophy of a healthy lifestyle among students;
  • Improving the political and legal culture among students;
  • timely delivery of information to students about social, political and creative events taking place in the world and in the country;
  • forming a healthy spiritual environment among students;
  • organization of students' free time, organization of various circles in accordance with the direction and specialization of the educational institution.