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Science club

  At our Department of Internal Medicine №3 at SamSMU, a student scientific community is organized at SamSMU. Currently, the Department consists of 23 students from 4 and 5 courses of medical and medical-pedagogical faculty. The responsible assistant on student scientific society is the assistant of the chair Physician Cardiologist Ibadova Olga Aleksandrovna, under the guidance of Dr.M.S. Professor, Head of the Department. Shodikulova Gulandom Zikriyayevna students are given lectures and master-classes on the directions: "Electrocardiography in norm and in pathology", "Clinical and instrumental diagnostics of cardiological diseases", "Cognitive cardiology".

  Research work of students at the Department of "Internal Medicine №3" is carried out through the organization of meetings of the student scientific circle "Young Cardiologist", holding separate branch meetings in the framework of international and national student scientific conferences in Samarkand State Medical University. Students prepare research works on actual problems of social-humanitarian direction, methodological and clinical problems of modern medicine in particular cardiology.

  All students interested in social-humanitarian problems of medical knowledge and activity are encouraged to cooperate, we encourage the achievements of the circle members.

  The head of the circle in our department is the assistant Ibadova Olga Aleksandrovna, who is currently a candidate and the author of a large number of scientific works.

  Welcome to our world of cardiology!