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Morally and educational work of the department

  Spiritual and educational work in the department is carried out on the basis of the road map approved by the dean of the Faculty of Medicine Lutfullayev G.U.

  Every Thursday during the academic year, under the leadership of the responsible assistant of the department Yarmatov S.T., with the participation of the staff and students, information hours are conducted continuously based on the instructions and are recorded in the minutes.

  "30th Anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan", "Fight against Corruption", Development Strategy of New Uzbekistan for 2022-2026 presented by the Department of Spirituality and Enlightenment of the Institute Introduction to the discussion of the Presidential decree, which provides for the approval of the State program for the implementation of the "active and active neighborhood year", and other spiritual and educational events, presentations were held, and a detailed understanding of their content is given.

  Conversations about healthy lifestyles were organized for students. In particular, on December 1, World AIDS Day, students were given full information about the ways of its transmission and the symptoms of the disease, its complications, "Fighting against harmful diseases" and recommendations on the formation of a healthy lifestyle.

  Based on the head of the department, associate professor S.Kh. Yarmukhamedova's recommendations, a short video clip on "Hypertension and its prevention" was prepared in a simple and understandable manner for non-medical workers.

  Interviews are regularly conducted with the patients being treated in the department about following a healthy lifestyle.

  Assistants of the department take part in sports events:

  Employees of the department actively participate in spiritual and educational events held in various organizations.

  A lecture and a roundtable discussion on the topic "Importance of the electrocardiography examination method in the examination and treatment of patients" was held with the assistants of the department of propaedeutics of internal medicine Toirov D.R., Yarmatov S.T., tutors and students living in the student residence No. 1 of SamDTU.

  Department assistants Khusainova M.A. and Z.E. Khaydarova gave a lecture on "Principles of etiology, clinic, diagnosis and treatment of myocardial infarction" at the Medical College named after Abu Ali ibn Sino in Urgut district.

  In order to support the organization of daily events for the meaningful organization of free time of young people in the Samarkand region, under the slogan "As a Samarkand experience", "Entrepreneurial helper", public education, culture, sports development, responsible for education and higher education, information technology and defense systems responsible people are attached.

  Department assistant Yarmatov S.T., Senior teacher of the department Nazarov F.Yu. took part in various spiritual and educational events in "Khazar Baba" neighborhood of Ishtikhan district.

  In order to provide practical assistance, Senior teacher of the department Nazarov F.Yu. and department assistant Yarmatov S.T. held an interview with the graduating students of the school within the framework of various events held in the 61st school of the Koshrabot district attached to SamSMU.

  Head of department Yarmukhamedova S.Kh. and teachers of the department, based on the decision of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated April 1, 2022, PD 188, employees of the Samarkand State Medical University promoted a healthy lifestyle to prevent non-infectious diseases among the population in Ishtikhon and Kattakorgan districts, took part in planned activities in the neighborhood, family polyclinic, and family medical centers in order to increase physical activity and proper nutrition of the population and to organize medical examinations in primary medical and sanitary institutions.

  In addition to it, the head of the department and teachers actively participated in various events on national holidays, traditional events, birthdays of historical figures.