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Science club

  Scientific and research work of students in the "Propaedeutics of internal diseases" department, organization of meetings of the scientific circle of students called "Young Diagnostic", special events within the framework of scientific and practical conferences of international and republican students held at Samarkand State Medical University. is carried out by holding meetings.

  The participants of the scientific club learn the symptoms and syndromes of all diseases, the disease and new examination methods used in the diagnosis of diseases of the internal organs, diagnostic samples, and writing the patient's medical report through the science of internal medicine propaedeutics.

  In the process of studying the science of internal medicine propaedeutics, the formation of modern understandings of diseases, diagnosis, diagnostic principles, symptom, and mechanisms of syndromes is carried out together with instilling the basics of medical etiquette and ethics and deontology into the minds of students.

  The assistant leader responsible for the activities of the club is Gafforov Kh.Kh.

  The club works according to the approved thematic plan during its annual activity. In addition, each student who is a member of the circle is assigned a scientific supervisor and conducts scientific research on certain topics.

Name and surname of the student.


Student phone number

Scientific leader

Student's scientific topic


Shakhridinov Latif

Medical faculties


PhD.Yarmukhamedova S.Kh

ECG changes in women fertile age with hypertonic disease


Uralov Rustam

Pediatriс faculties


Gaffarov Kh.Kh

Age-specific characteristics of chronic glomerulonephritis


Xolmatov Mexroj

Medical faculties


Normatov M.B

Characteristics of hypertension disease depending on gender


Kuljonov Sodik

Medical faculties


Khusainova M.A

The frequency of heart rhythm disorders depending on age and gender


Eshpulatova Feruza

Medical faculties


Yarmatov S.T

Assessment of functional changes of the heart in liver cirrhosis


Urinova Fotima

Medical faculties


Bekmuratova M.S

The role of proton pump inhibitors in the development of hepatic encephalopathy


Eshmurodov Xasan

Medical faculties


Nazarov F.Yu

Early detection of chronic heart failure in hypertension