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Science club

  Scientific-research activities of students at the department of "Psychiatry, medical psychology and narcology" organization of meetings of the student scientific circle called "Young Psychiatrists", scientific-practical conferences of international and republican students held at Samarkand State Medical University is done by holding separate branch meetings. Students prepare research papers on the current problems of psychiatry, medical psychology and narcology knowledge, modern mental, psychological and narcological problems for the republican competitions of research works.

  The scientific student society of the Department of Psychiatry invites all students who are interested in modern issues of mental health, modern diagnostics, innovative methods of treatment and progressive methods of prevention of mental diseases.

    Hayatov Rustam Batyrbekovich responsible for the activities of the club, is currently the author of more than 90 scientific works. Contact +99890 600 35 02.

The scientific club of the department actively participates in the fruitful activity of:

    Shamsikulova Sitor Azizovna Head of the class, Department of Pediatrics, 521 group. Author and co-author of 20 scientific articles and theses, winner of 10 prize diplomas, 6 certificates, laureate of rector’s scholarship. The topic of scientific research «Academic stress among students of medical universities». Head, assistant Hayatov R.B.

Hasanova Nafisa Shavki Kizi Pediatric faculty, 610 group. Author and co-author of 15 scientific articles and theses, holder of 5 diplomas and 4 certificates. Research topic «Depressive disorders in persons with alcoholism» Head assistant Turaev B.T.

Ruziyeva Diana Jamalovna, Clinical resident on a psychiatric referral. Author and co-author of 15 scientific articles and theses, winner of three diplomas and certificates, awarded. Research topic «Suicidal behavior in persons with affective disorders» Head, assistant Hayatov R.B.

Mamedova Kamilla Ali-Musaevna 401 Group International Faculty. Author and co-author of 5 scientific articles and theses, holder of two certificates, awarded. The topic of scientific research «Anxious-depressive disorders in students of universities» Head, assistant Hayatov R.B.