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Science club

  The main goal of the scientific student society (SSS) of the Department of Propaedeutics of Children's Diseases is to instill interest in pediatrics, form clinical thinking, and provide students with additional knowledge beyond the scope of curricula. An important task of our SSS is to motivate students to research work; support talented young people in professional self-determination; assistance in processing the results of students' research in the form of reports and publications.

  Traditionally, at the meetings, the members of the circle analyze modern research literature, get acquainted with video materials, discuss interesting clinical cases, and also analyze the advantages and disadvantages of scientific works performed by students and presented in the form of reports and presentations.

  The main forms of work of the SSS

• scientific reports,

• clinical reviews of patients,

• scientific work with the possibility of publication in a medical journal,

• participation in conferences held by the University


  "Development and improvement of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular system in children"

  Members of the circle take an active part in various international student conferences with awarding them prizes.

  Students who take an active part in the work of the SSS can be recommended for further postgraduate studies at the department. Many graduates of the SSS continue their studies in the magistracy in the future.