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Research work of the department

    The research work of the department is carried out on the education of the younger generation in the spirit of independence, the formation of the legal culture of youth, the philosophical problems of modern medical science, various aspects of the history of the statehood of Uzbekistan.

    All employees of the department take an active part in the research work of the department and the university. Currently, 3 employees work as scientific applicants (Achilova F.A., Abdukadirova N.B., Tukhtaeva M.M.).

    Over the past 5 years, the staff of the department has published more than 250 scientific papers, including 1 textbook, 8 manuals, 6 monographs, 12 electronic programs, more than 150 articles in leading domestic and foreign journals.

Textbooks published by the staff of the department


Title of published manual


Rabbimova D. T.

Shadiyeva X. N.

Methods of examination of a healthy and sick child.


Rabbimova D.T.

Ibatova Sh. M.

Uralov Sh. M.

Qodirova M. M.

Anatomical and physiological features of organs and systems in children


N. I. Ahmedjanova

N. Yo. Ruziqulov

F. X. Mamatqulova

M. D. Murodova

B. A. Yuldashev

Sh. M. Ibatova

Children's dietology


A.X. Jalilov

F.A. Achilova

S.X. Xaydarova

Fundamentals of propaedeutics in pediatrics. Principles of nutrition for children


A.B. Ramazanova

Sh.M. Uralov

A.X. Jalilov

KH.N. Shadiyeva

S.X. Khaydarova

E.S. Mamutova

Practical skills of a pediatrician


Rabbimova D.T.

Ibatova Sh.M.

Uralov Sh.M.

Kodirova M.M.

AFO of organs and systems in children of different ages.


Akhmedov Yu.M.

Rabbimova D.T.

Yarmukhamedova S.Kh.

Khayitov U.Kh.

Introduction to the medical profession
8 Ibatova Sh.M.,
Achilova F.A.,
Mamatkulova F.X

  Features of organs and systems in children, disease semiotics