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Science club

  In the 2021-2022 academic year, 12 students became members of the scientific club organized in the Department of Pediatric Surgery No. 2 of the Faculty of Pediatrics, and all of them are actively participating in the club held at the department. Each student is attached to the teachers of the department and actively participates in scientific research according to the "teacher-student" tradition.

  18 meetings of the scientific circle were held during the academic year. Students who are members of the scientific club were informed about the procedure for conducting scientific research, collecting primary documents, recording and maintaining them. Master classes were held on preparation of scientific articles and theses, their types, components, rules of working with scientific literature, methods of collecting materials and working on them, results and discussion of research, rules of their publication. Also, participants of the circle took an active part in departmental operations and communication zones.

  Participation in local and international scientific-practical conferences, formation of oratorical skills of students, results of completed works and results of scientific works were analyzed. In addition, in each circle, students make presentations on different topics, actively participate in practical operations and connection rooms, as well as students independently engage in practical skills.

  During the 2021-2022 academic year, talented students of our department, together with their teachers, published theses and articles in several local and foreign scientific journals and received certificates.

  20.05.2022 A total of 11 abstracts were sent by members of the Institute of Medical Sciences to the 76th international scientific-practical conference "Dostizheniya fundamentalnoy, prikadnoy meditsiny i farmatsii" held at SamDTU.

  Student of the Faculty of Pediatrics, group 406 Suyunov Navruzbek, professor I.A. 1st place under the leadership of Akhmedzhanov

  Faculty of treatment 320 - group student Djurakulov Djasur 2 urin

  Faculty of treatment 142 - student of group Giyasova Raykhona Best scientific research diploma

  Khairiddinov Boburshokh, a student of the International Faculty, group 210, try 3

  Faculty of treatment 318 - student of the group Khaidarov Odilkhan Best scientific work diploma

  3 theses were sent and published by Tugarak Azolari at the scientific-practical conference "29 Rossiyskoy (65 Vsesoyuznoy) "Aktualnye voprosy khirurgii, anesthesiologii i reanimatologii detskogo vozrasta" in St. Petersburg.