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History of the department

  The course of children’s surgery attacked to the Chair of Faculty Surgery was founded in 1966 according to the initiative of the honoured scientist of Uzbekistan Republic prof. F.M.Golub and assistant professor M.A.Ahmedov. Department of children’s Surgery with 30 beds was opened in Clinic N1.of SamMI. In 1970 assistant professor M.A.Ahmedov was elected Head of the Chair of Children`s Surgery. From 1995 the Chair is headed by prof. I.A.Ahmedjonov. In 1990 the Chair is transferred on the basis of regional children Multiprophile Hospital where it continues its activity up to now.. Dots as the head of the course. M.A. Akhmedov was elected and appointed assistant to M.G.Asadulin, I.P.Prokhorov and U.U.Umarov was accepted 

Professor M.A. Akhmedov

  By 1970, the course was transformed into a Department and the head of the Department became prof. Professor M.A. Akhmedov, Honoured scientist of the Republic of Uzbekistan, honored worker of health of Uzbekistan, honorary member of the Russian Association of pediatric surgeons, author of more than 400 scientific works, including 6 collections of scientific works, 18 training and teaching AIDS, 12 educational-methodological papers, 10 inventions, 14 advanced suggestions 19 journalistic work.

  Professor M.A. Akhmedov for 30 years of leadership of the Department through targeted postgraduate and doctoral studies, 10 people have defended their doctoral and 19 PhD theses. Among them, Professor M.A. Akhmedov has defended 6 doctoral and 10 PhD theses under the direct supervision of. Currently, the Department has 3 professors and 4 heads of departments.

  Since 1973, the Department has started admission to a clinical residency in the specialty of Pediatric surgery

  Professor M.A. Akhmedov and the staff of the Department Were among the first in the Republic to establish the use of laser radiation for the diagnosis and treatment of children's surgical diseases, in this area, the staff of the Department defended 1 Doctoral and 2 PhD theses

  The Department has a well-established activity of the "student scientific circle". Employees of the Department and students regularly participated in all-Union scientific conferences and received 4 gold, 4 silver, 4 bronze and diplomas of I-II-III degrees, certificates of honor.

Professor I.A. Akhmedjanov

  Professor M.A. Akhmedov gained authority among the staff of the Department, students and employees of the Institute and management for his achievements in organizing the Department, drafting and implementing educational programs adapted to pediatric surgery, forming a creative teaching team and fostering a warm atmosphere in the team, as well as for his services in embodying Eastern traditions.

  In 1990, the Department was transferred to the regional multidisciplinary children's hospital (now the regional children's multidisciplinary medical center) and still functions effectively.

  Currently, the module - credit system of distance learning, new pedagogical technologies, including interactive games, electronic textbooks, are widely used in the learning process.

Professor Ju.М. Akhmedov

  In 2005-2013, the Department was called the Department of pediatric surgery and radiation diagnostics of the faculty. In 2013, the hospital was merged with the Department of pediatric surgery and the faculty of pediatric surgery and became known as the Department of pediatric surgery. Since September 2020, the Department has been called the Department of pediatric surgery No. 2. The Department provides practical and theoretical help in the medical work With Samarkand regional children's diversified medical center and Department of pediatric surgery the Samarkand branch of the Republican Scientific Center for Emergency Medical Care, in addition, the Department actively involved in the fatherhood and sanaviation services districts in our area.

  The Department cooperates fruitfully with medical universities in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Donetsk, Almaty, Tashkent, and Andijan. Since the creation of the Department, 12 people have defended their doctoral and 26 PhD theses. Of these, 10 PhD and 4 doctoral theses were defended through targeted doctoral and post-graduate studies.

  Currently, the staff of the Department: prof. Yu.M.Akhmedov, I. A. Akhmedjanov, prof. M.K. Azizov, associate Professor N. H. Mavlyanov, associate Professor F.Sh. Mavlyanov, assistant, T. F. N. A.A. Ulugmuratov, assistant T. F. N. D. D. Kurbonov and assistant U.H. Khayitov.