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Science club

    Scientific and research work of students in the "Organization of Pharmacy" department, organization of meetings of the student scientific circle called "Young Pharmacist", separate scientific and practical conferences of international and republican students held at Samarkand State Medical University. It is done by holding meetings. Students prepare research papers on current problems of socio-humanitarian knowledge, philosophical, methodological and bioethical problems of modern medicine for republican competitions of research works.

    The Department of Pharmaceutical Work Organization is operating on the basis of the work plan approved by the Student Scientific Society in the 2022-2023 academic year. 51 students from the Faculty of Pharmacy joined "Yosh Farmatsevt" TIJ.

    Tuychiyeva S.Q. a circle meeting will be held with the participation of the department staff and students participating in the ITI, and photo reports will be recorded.

    The teachers of the Department of Pharmacy Organization are always conducting their activities based on the mentor-student principle in regularly conducting scientific research with the talent requirements assigned to them at the beginning of the academic year.

    They used their pedagogic skills to prepare theses and articles for various scientific and practical conferences held in the Republic, MDX and abroad. The presentations and their discussion in the circle by the staff of the department are actively started. The minutes of the monthly meeting are prepared based on the plan of the IJ, and there are illustrated minutes on each topic.

    Our students participate in international conferences with their scientific articles and theses. TIJ participants together with their mentors published 16 scientific articles in various scientific journals.

    "Achievements of Fundamental Applied Medicine and Pharmacy" 77th International scientific-practical conference, together with their scientific supervisors, our students participated with 21 theses. At this conference, the student of the 502nd group Mekhkamov Sukhrob took the second place, the student of the 506th group Khudoyberdieva Zarnigor took the third place among the participants of the Student Scientific Society.