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Science club

  In the 2022-2023 academic year, 51 undergraduate students, 3 masters and 7 residents were accepted as members of the student scientific society "Young Neurosurgeons" at the Department of Pediatrics of the Neurosurgical Faculty, and all of them take an active part in the meetings of the circle held at the department. In addition, 293 members joined the Telegram page on the TIJ social network, and 121 subscribers joined the Neurosciences_samsmi page on the Instagram social network. Each student is attached to the teachers of the department and actively participates in scientific research according to the teacher-student tradition.

  Students who are members of the scientific club are informed about the procedure for conducting scientific research, collecting primary documents, their accounting and maintenance. Master classes were held on the preparation of scientific articles and abstracts, their types, components, rules for working with scientific literature, methods for collecting materials and working on them, the results and discussion of research, the rules for their publication. Also, club members took an active part in operations and dressings in the neurosurgical department of the Samara State Medical University multidisciplinary clinic.

At a meeting of the scientific circle

  Students who are interested in diseases of the brain and spinal cord, their modern diagnostics and methods of neurosurgical treatment are attracted to the circle. In the circle, these students not only acquire theoretical knowledge, but also see various neurosurgical operations with their own eyes and actively participate in them. This causes great interest and enthusiasm among the members of the circle. Students involved in operations have the opportunity to combine theoretical and practical knowledge of neurosurgery. Members of the circle regularly take an active part in conferences of students and young scientists held in the world and in our country, and occupy places of honor.

Members of the circle with the professor and teachers of the department at the international student Olympiad "Samarkand-2020"

  The head responsible for the activities of the circle, under the guidance of the head of the department, candidate of medical sciences, associate professor Aliyeva M.A., assistant Zhuraev Anvar Mamatmurodovich helps students and young neurosurgeons understand the essence of neurosurgery and focus on aspects on the way to becoming a mature specialist in this area.

  Head of the circle: Kholmurodova Kh.Kh., student of the medical faculty of the 520th group of the medical faculty II, author and co-author of 55 scientific articles, laureate of the "Rector's Scholarship", holder of 21 diplomas, 36 certificates, actively engaged in the preparation of students, led by supervisors, at international and local conferences and olympiads.

  Participation in local and international scientific and practical conferences, the formation of oratory skills of students, the results of the work performed and the results of scientific work are analyzed at meetings of circles held at the department.

Meeting of the circle "Young neurosurgeons"

  In addition, at each club meeting, students make presentations on certain topics, actively participate in practical operations and manipulations, and students in the disciplines "Neurosurgery" and "Military Field Surgery" independently practice practical skills under the supervision of their supervisors.