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Science club

  At the Department of Endocrinology there is a student scientific society "Young Endocrinologist". The head of the Council of People's Commissars is N.N. Bakhriev. The participation of students in scientific and practical conferences of foreign and republican students held at the Samarkand State Medical University is ensured. Professor of the Department of Endocrinology. Negmatova G.Sh organized the contest "The Best Reader".

  In order to establish a tradition of reading among student youth, a student competition "The Best Reader" was organized at the department. Among the students studying at the department, the largest audience was organized in order to interest them in reading books, and they gave an idea of the books that should be read during a person's lifetime. Questions were asked from various sources, and among the actively participating students, Khudoyorova Ogiloy was noted as the winner of the student competition "Best Reader". Khudoyorova Ogiloy was awarded the department as "Best Reader " .