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Research work of the department

  The research activity of the department is aimed at educating students in the spirit of independence, the formation of a legal culture of young people, and solving the problems of modern medicine.

  All employees of the department actively participate in the research work of the department and the institute. Currently, 3 employees are independent researchers (Negmatova G.Sh., Sabirova D.Sh., Togaeva G.S.).

  Over the past 5 years, the staff of the department has published more than 200 scientific papers, including 1 textbook, 15 manuals, 3 monographs, 6 electronic programs, more than 150 articles in leading republican and foreign journals.

  Textbooks published by the staff of the department



Name of published guidelines


Negmatova G.Sh.

Sabirova D. Sh.

Nursing process in diabetes mellitus. Providing first aid in the School of Diabetes and Nursing.


Negmatova G.Sh.

Clinical recommendations for the treatment of type 2 diabetes.


Karimova N.A. Davranova A.D. Azimbekova S.N.

Prevention and diagnosis of disorders of the physical and sexual development of girls


Narbaev A.N. Togaeva G.S.

Muminov O.B.

The role of the nurse in the prevention of diabetes


Togaeva G.S.

Sodikov S.S.

Prevention and administration of somatotropic insufficiency in children


Juraeva Z.A. Kurbanova N.Z.

Congenital hypothyroidism in children