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Science club

  The Department of Clinical and Laboratory Diagnostics has established a scientific circle of talented students called "Young Laboratory Technicians" for students. Each student is assigned to faculty members of the department and actively participates in scientific research in the tradition of "teacher-student". Nabieva Farangiz Sadriddinovna is the responsible assistant for the activities of the circle.

  Students who are members of the scientific circle are provided with information on the procedure for conducting scientific research, collection of primary documents, their accounting and maintenance. Lectures will be held on the preparation of scientific articles and theses, their types, components, rules of work with scientific literature, methods of collecting and working on materials, results and discussion of research, rules of their publication.

  Students also give presentations on specific topics, conduct various analyses in the laboratory and gain practical skills at the circle.

  During the circle 's existence, talented students and their tutors have published theses and articles in national and international scientific journals and received certificates, and have actively participated in scientific competitions and received diplomas.

  Captain of the students' scientific circle: Lola Imomova, 3rd year student of the Faculty of Medicine and Biology, author and co-author of 10 scientific articles. Holder of 5 diplomas, 10 certificates, 4 honorary degrees.