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History of the department

    In 1996, by the order of the Rector of SamMI, the course of clinical and laboratory diagnostics of the Faculty of Postgraduate Education was founded on the basis of the Children's Surgical Centre, which was located at 70a Ulugbek Street.Since the foundation of the course, K.M. Khalikov was appointed as the head of the course.

    In 2014, by the order of the Rector of SamMI on the same base the Department of Clinical and Laboratory Diagnostics was founded, the head was appointed Khalikov K.M. At the Department of Clinical and Laboratory Diagnostics and FPDO course were taught by such assistants as Khalikov K.M., Yusupova N.A., Kudratova Z.E., Ruzieva M.E., Yulaeva I.A., Rustemova Z.R., Umarova T.A.

    Employees of the department took advanced training courses in Korea, Germany, in the city of Izhevsk.

    In 2017, Yusupova N.A. became head of the department. In the same year, new assistants started working at the department: Ibragimova N.S., Togaeva G.S. In 2018 - assistant Kuvandikov G.B. In 2019 assistants: Umarova S.S., Nabieva F.S., Berdiyarova Sh. Since 2022, Shirinov Kh.I. and Tursunov F.U. have become assistants of the department.

    From October 21, 2022, PhD Daminov Feruz Asadullaevich was appointed head of the department.

    At the 3rd meeting of the Academic Council, held on November 2, 2022, the name of the department was changed and confirmed by the Academic Council to "Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics and the Faculty of Postgraduate Education with a Course in Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics"

    Students are trained in the department of 3rd year medical, pediatric, medical-pedagogical, medical-biological faculties, 2nd year of medical faculty of second education, 4th year of medical biology. Physicians laboratory assistants for advanced training, cadets for specialization come to DAGE courses.

    Employees who left our department for various reasons Assoc. Khalikov K.M., ass. Ruzieva M.E., ass. Togaeva G.S., Umarova S.S., Kuvondikov G.B. Each of them contributed to the development of the department , a piece of his soul and his life.