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Scientific - research works of the faculty

  The scientific work carried out by scientists of the faculty has always been closely linked with the training of scientific and pedagogical staff and practical health requirements, as well as methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of maternal and child health, taking into account regional specifics.development ”is aimed at solving the problems identified in the state program of science and technology development.

  It should be noted that the scientists of the faculty participate in the competition for grant orders to carry out their research.The team of the Department of Pediatric Surgery can be an example to others.

  For the last 2 years the staff of the Department of Pharmacy has defended 2 PhD dissertations of Baykulov Azim and Kholmurodova Dilafruz.Over the years, more than 200 scientific articles have been published, including 102 abroad, including 15 articles in journals indexed by the Scopus database.

  25.06.2021 head of the department of medical chemistry Kholmurodova She Kuvvatovna "stems from annual plants and polymer basis of composite wood plastic sheet materials effective structural and production technology" (DSC) successfully defended his doctoral thesis on him ...

  KM Khalikov in 2020 in collaboration with RA Sobirova. and NM Yuldashev wrote and published a textbook on biological chemistry (in 2 volumes) in Russian and Uzbek (Cyrillic).