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Faculty of Pharmacy

1. Type of education: Bachelor's degree

2. Specialty: 5510500-Pharmacy (by type)

3. Qualification: Doctor of Medical Sciences (Pharmacy)

4. Study period: 5 years

5. Form of study: Full-time

6. Teaching language: Uzbek, Russian

7. Qualification of the faculty: 5510500 - Professional activity of bachelors in the field of pharmacy (by type) covers:

• It is carried out on the basis of the curriculum and scientific program of higher education, preparing bachelors of pharmacy (by types), who have fully mastered its theoretical and practical training, successfully passed the final state certification. » and higher education according to the state model. The standard acquisition period is 5 years.

• Pharmacy (Greek pharmakeia - medicine; use of a medicine) - research, research on the creation of medicines and medical products, as well as methods of their production, preparation, quality control, standardization, state registration, storage, and provision of information about them. , a complex of scientific and practical activities, including such tasks as delivery and sale to pharmacies and medical institutions.