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History of the faculty

  The Department of Pharmacy was established in 2018 as part of the Faculty of Pediatrics. Later, by the order of the rector of Samarkand State Medical Institute J.A. Rizaye dated July 3, 2020 No 543 / AF, the Faculty of Pharmacy was established and the dean of the faculty was appointed Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, N.M. Shavazi. The faculty has 5 departments (pharmacology, clinical pharmacology, pharmacognosy and pharmaceutical technology, biological chemistry and medical chemistry).

  Of the 51 professors and teachers working at the faculty, 11 (23.4%) have academic degrees, including 3 doctors of sciences (5.8%), 9 candidates of sciences (19.1%).

  As of September 2021, 586 students are studying at the faculty, of which 469 are on a contract basis. Language of instruction: Uzbek, Russian and English, 5510500 - "Pharmacy" in accordance with the qualification requirements of pharmacy.

  In the organization of the educational process, special attention is paid to strict adherence to teaching and labor discipline, the widespread introduction of advanced pedagogical technologies in teaching practice, improving the quality and effectiveness of teaching in the departments of the faculty.

  Deputy Deans G.G. Ganiyev and B.A. The Djurayevs are trying to study the life of each student, to provide the necessary assistance, to meet with the parents of students in the implementation of this difficult, daily work.

  Rationalization of the work of the dean's office, the introduction of the position of deputy deans in each direction, the attendance of faculty students for each semester is at least 99.5 - 99.7%, high-quality mastering of disciplines. The rate is 75-80% and continues to improve.

  Great attention is paid to working with gifted students, in 2021 more than 75 students were admitted to the ranks of gifted students, who are actively involved in the work of student scientific circles, participating in national Olympiads, institutes and national scientific conferences and awarded diplomas.