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Research work of the faculty

  The scientific work of the Faculty scientists was always conducted in close relationship with the training of scientific-pedagogical personnel and the requirements of practical health care, now it is aimed at solving problems determined by the law “On SCIENCE AND SCIENCE ACTIVITY” adopted by the Legislative Chamber of the Republic of Uzbekistan on 22 July 2019 and approved by the Senate on 11 October 2019. It is noteworthy that scientists from the Faculty participate in grant application competitions to carry out their scientific research.

  According to the results of research completed in 2022-2023, 4 doctorate and 15 PhD theses were defended, 826 scientific works were published, in particular, 331 in republican journals, 269 abroad, 41 monographs, and 42 academic papers. manuals, 108 teaching-methodical recommendations, 18 articles in Scopus and WoS magazines, and 17 textbooks have been developed.

  On October 22, 2021, defence of the thesis of candidate Aziza Nasirova Akbarovna, assistant of Department of Internal Medicine of Faculty of Pediatrics was held. Topic of dissertation: “Clinical and immunological features of combination of bronchial asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease”. Supervisor: D.M. Bazarova S.A.