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Pediatric faculty

  1. Type of education: Bachelor's degree
  2. Speciality: 5510200 - Paediatrics
  3. Qualification: Doctor of Medicine in paediatrics 
  4. Study period: 6 years 
  5. Form of study: full-time
  6. Languages of instruction: Uzbek, Russian 

  Faculty qualifications: 5510200 - Bachelor's degree in paediatrics includes:

  • the organisation of medical activities in primary health care;
  • developing and implementing all types of prevention of acute and chronic diseases prevalent in the population;
  • acquiring the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of emergency care and applying it in practice;
  • obtain up-to-date information and knowledge about diseases and problems relevant to the medical field and keep up-to-date with relevant information in the course of their work;
  • targeted application of modern diagnostic and treatment standards for common diseases in the population;
  • providing the necessary rehabilitation measures to the population in a timely manner;
  • effective use of available resources in cooperation with the organisations responsible for social protection;
  • rational use of the primary health care workforce and participation in its effective management;
  • participating in research work on current medical issues. 

  Types of professional activities of bachelors in paediatrics:

  • preventive health care;
  • emergency and urgent medical care;
  • diagnostic and treatment;
  • rehabilitative;
  • medico-social;
  • organizational and managerial;
  • research.