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The spiritual and educational work of the faculty

  Students' free time is spent in cultural and educational work. One of the main activities of the faculty is to form high moral values in students, foster an interest in professional activities, the need for a healthy lifestyle, involving students in cultural events of the Institute. To realize these tasks there is a curatorial council at the faculty. Its activity is realized according to the approved plan. Each group of the Faculty is assigned a curator who is appointed from among the experienced teachers. Under the guidance of tutors and curators, students of the Faculty actively participate in public events, organize cultural leisure time, visit historical monuments and attractions of Samarkand, theatres and museums.

  Much attention is paid to physical education and sports. Students of the faculty attend sports sections on swimming, tennis, chess, football, basketball, volleyball, national wrestling, martial arts, athletics, which function on the basis of the sports complex of the Institute. They actively participate in both regional and national sports competitions.

  Spiritual and educational work at the faculty is aimed at making students aware of the requirements of the time, the need for an ideological and spiritual basis that defines the real image, the driving forces and factors, the vivid manifestation of the creative spirit of our people and the essence of large-scale reforms outlined in the book by President Mirziyoyev “The Strategy of New Uzbekistan”, which describes the goals, substance and priority areas of fundamental transformations and reforms on the way to laying the foundation for the New Uzbekistan and the Third Renaissance, as well as prospects.

  Spiritual education work of the Faculty is carried out on the basis of an approved plan, according to which various events dedicated to historical dates, national holidays, sports competitions, etc. are scheduled. Various meetings are held in cooperation with law enforcement agencies, spirituality centres and other partner organisations, and relevant bodies, committees and agencies.