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Research work of the department

  The department's attention to scientific research is at a high level. The attention to young researchers and the conditions created for them are well established. All employees of the department are actively participating in the scientific research work of the department and the university. Currently, 3 employees are independent researchers (Jalalova D.Z., Kasimov R.E., Hamidova F.M.) and 5 employees (Tulakova G.E., Khamrakulov S.B., Boboyev S.S., Allayorov A.T., Egamberdiyeva M.E.) study at the main doctoral program at the same time.

    Information about research and publication results of professors and teachers of the Department of Ophthalmology: To date, the department has 14 employees: 1 professor, 4 associate professors, 1 doctor of medical sciences and 8 teachers. are conducting, Scientific competence - 42.85%.

    The following articles have been published this year: 55 in total, 26 in the country, 29 abroad, 4 Scopus and Web of Science, 1 electronic textbook, 4 monographs, 3 training manuals.

Educational manuals


Electronic programs

    In the last 5 years, more than 200 scientific works have been published by the staff of the department, including 4 textbooks, 6 training manuals, 4 monographs, 8 electronic programs, more than 100 articles in leading republican and international journals.

    Our department is in the Department of Ophthalmology of the multidisciplinary clinic of Samarkand State Medical University, the employees of our department directly examine patients, treat them, and carry out complex surgical procedures.

    It should be noted that the staff of our department has created a unique school for the treatment of myopia, glaucoma, and strabismus eye diseases. The effectiveness of our work is shown by the fact that about 1,200 patients are recovering from surgical treatment in the department of eye diseases.