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Scientific research works of the department

    The research work of the department is carried out to educate the younger generation in the spirit of loyalty to the ideas of independence, the formation of a legal culture of youth, the philosophical problems of modern medical science, various aspects of the history of the statehood of Uzbekistan. All employees of the department are involved in research work.

    At present, 6 employees of the department are engaged in free competition (Amonova M.F., Atayeva F.N., Indiaminova G.N., Fazilova M.O., Tangirova Yu.A., Kim V.S.). Each employee of the department is involved in research activities in various areas and topics.

    The main research areas of the department: cervical cancer in pregnant women, vitamin D deficiency in menopausal women, preconception preparation in undeveloped pregnancies, premature ovarian syndrome, the impact of COVID-19 on the course of pregnancy and childbirth and on perinatal outcomes.

    Information on research and publications of professors and teachers of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology No 3 of the Medical Faculty.

    Scientific potential - 33%.

    Approval of the topic of scientific work: 5 people.

    Over 3 years, more than 70 articles and theses, 14 manuals, 2 textbooks, 1 monograph and 11 electronic computing work program have been published.