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Simulation room of pediatric dentistry

  Simulation room in the subject of pediatric dentistry is a modern technology of practical training of students and assessment of their knowledge, including the mastering of practical skills, the development of automatically repeatable actions, adequate decision-making, based on the modeling of clinical and other situations close to real conditions.

  Objectives of the simulation center:

  Formation and improvement of practical skills necessary in the activity of a pediatric dentist, in accordance with the qualified requirements.

  Tasks of the simulation room :

  • Formation of skills of palpation, percussion, probing of teeth in children on the basis of simulation technologies;
  • Development of a stable stereotype of actions necessary for the successful implementation of preventive manual measures;
  • Training in manipulations performed on children (practicing the technique of brushing and other manipulations in children and adolescents;
  • Training in the skills of diagnostic procedures in children.

  Equipment needed:

  • Phantom rig for performing chiropractic manipulations;
  • Phantom of the maxillofacial region for performing manual manipulations ;
  • Installation of bracket systems for performing manual manipulations

  The results of work in the simulation room of pediatric dentistry will allow:

  • to consolidate the theoretical knowledge acquired;
  • increase the level of stress resistance when performing the first manipulations;
  • teach manipulations performed on children (practicing the techniques of palpation, percussion, probing of children's teeth, etc.);
  • to improve the quality of education of students;
  • to practice skills of teeth silvering, fissure sealing and bracket system activation in children.

  Thus, the methods of simulation training in pediatric dentistry at the stages of the educational process allow students to get an opportunity to practice practical skills before the beginning of the practicing activity of the doctor.


1. Teeth silvering in children

  2. Fissure sealing in children:

 3. brace system activation: