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Educational and methodical work of the department

  The department has a good publication activity. The number of published articles in scientific publications of various levels is more than 100. The department has participated in the organization of various scientific conferences. The staff of the department constantly report on the results of their scientific research at various conferences. The total number of reports is more than 40.

  Study guide

  1. Iron, its role in the functioning of the organization system and the associated image of the oral mucosa Rizaev J.A. Norbutaev A.B.

  2. Factors affecting the periodontal health index in chronic periodontitis with iron deficiency, their treatment and prevention Norbutaev A.B. Rizaev Zh.A.

  3. Markers of vascular endothelial cell dysfunction in martial artists. A. A. Akhmedov

  4. Assessment of the state of the mucosal barrier in athletes of martial artists. A. A. Akhmedov

  5. Diseases of the head and neck in otolaryngology. N.J. Khushvakova, J.F. Shamsiev, N.O., Khamrakulova, A. A. Akhmedov

  6. Dental implantology, surgical stages of dental implantology D.B.Narzieva, A.A.Akhmedov, Z.Sh.Isakova

  Methodical manual, recommendations

  1. Emergency care in the dental office Rizaev Zh.A., Norbutaev A.B., Khazratov A.I.

  2. Modern means for oral hygiene A. A. Akhmedov

  3. Features of oral hygiene in children and pregnant women. Rizaev Zh.A., Norbutaev A.B.

  4. Psychoemotional tension of patients at a dental appointment Rizaev Zh.A., Ortikova N.H.

  5. Prevention of psychoemotional tension in patients at a dental appointment Rizaev Zh.A., Ortikova N.H.


  Dental health in cyclical sport athletes.


  1. Study of the state of the oral mucosa in cerebral ischemia.

  2. Improving the effectiveness of therapeutic and preventive measures by correcting the psycho-emotional stress of children at an outpatient dental appointment.