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Research work of the department

  The research work of the department is carried out in the following areas:

  1. research work with students carried out under the guidance of teachers of the department;
  2. research work with masters and clinical residents, applicants under the scientific supervision of the teaching staff of the department;
  3. research work of teachers of the department, including:
  4. Participation in scientific and practical conferences.
  5. Work on doctoral and PhD theses.
  6. Participation in competitions, grants and research programs.
  7. Publication of scientific articles and theses in collections of scientific papers and periodicals.
  8. Improving the scientific and methodological qualifications of teachers.

  The main goals and priorities of the research activities of the department are carried out by:

  - organization of individual scientific activity of members of the department;

  - participation in scientific and practical conferences, round tables, forums on topics that meet the scientific interests of the teaching staff;

  - the work of scientific circles under the guidance of responsible students;

  - training of scientific and pedagogical personnel within the framework of the magistracy;

  - realization of the general and scientific potential of the department through optimal inclusion of everyone in the context of the department's life on the terms of voluntary, creative aspiration and on the basis of the growth of individual and corporate consciousness. The results of the research work of the teachers of the department are introduced into the practice of teaching basic disciplines, specialization disciplines and elective courses.

  The staff of the department is working to identify current research problems of modern dentistry, the creation of scientific innovations, the creation of new types of treatment, the organization of students' training according to a new teaching system.

  All employees of the department actively participate in the research work of the department and the Institute. Currently, 3 employees are independent applicants (N.H. Ortikova, N.B. Islamova, S.H. Irgashev).

  Over the past year, the staff of the department has published more than 50 scientific papers, including 3 textbooks, 2 monographs, 4 electronic programs, more than 40 articles in leading republican and international journals.


Name of the printed application


Khazratov A.I.

Rizaev Zh.A.

Norbutaev A.B.

Transportation and treatment of chronic periodontitis in anemia accompanied by a condition of iron tankism


Khazratov A.I.

Rizaev Zh.A.

Norbutaev A.B.

Structural and functional state of oral cavity tissues and methods of early diagnosis in patients with intestinal pathology


Mavlyanova Z.F.

Kim O.A

Makhmudov S.M

Norbutaev A.B

Physical therapy for lesions of the maxillofacial region


Akhmedov A.A

Rakhimberdiev R.A

Akhrorova M.Sh

Modern means of oral cavity personal hygiene


Kamalova E. A. Norbutaev A.B.

Fundamentals of general physiotherapy for dental diseases