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History of the department

  The Department of Social and Human Sciences is almost the same age as the Samarkand State Medical University and has been operating since the 1930s, together with professors and teachers of medical departments, has gone through all the historical periods of the university.

  Until 1936, social sciences were taught without a separate department. In 1936, the Department of Social and Economic Sciences was formed. Its first head was associate professor Klyuchko I.M. Professor Larin N., associate professor Valiev and teacher Shakirov A. also worked at the department. In 1939, the department was renamed the department of "Social Sciences", on the basis of which 3 new departments were formed in 1965. In 1939-1942. The department was headed by assoc. Mishin V.I. In 1946-1947. - teacher Strelkova M.S. In 1959, she defended her Ph.D. thesis and received an associate professorship.

  • In 1947-1951. the department was headed by dos. Zakharov S.M.
  • In 1951-1954 - dos. Muratov N.M.
  • In 1955-1957 - dos. Abdullayev H.

In 1965, 3 new departments were organized on this basis:

  • Department of Philosophy (associate professor Akhtamov A.A.);
  • Department of History (associate professor Abdusattarov G.S.);
  • Department of Political Economy (associate professor Abdurazakov N.Yu.).

  The number of teaching staff also increased. If in 1936 there were 4 teachers, in 1965 there were 12 teachers, then in 1978-1979. already 23 teachers.  After achieving independence, since 1995, the departments were again merged into a single department of social sciences

  A significant contribution to the development of the department was made by professors A.A. Akhtamov, G.S. Abdusattorov, F.S. Soleeva, M.M. Mukhammedov, associate professors L.N. Juraev, Yu.M. Khalimbetov, senior lecturer Sh.F. Majidov, Ph.D. H.Yu. Salamova, PhD in Law, Associate Professor Y.S. Sadikova, as well as those in charge of the courses of the department (in 2007-2011): economic theory - Assoc. M.J. Jamolov and philosophy - senior Lecturer D.Yu.Yuldasheva.

  Since October 2019, the department has been headed by Doctor of Philosophy in Philosophical Sciences (PhD) Aziza Nugmanovna Makhmudova.