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Research work of the department

  The research work of the department is carried out in the areas of educating the younger generation in the spirit of devotion to the ideas of independence, the formation of a legal culture of youth, the philosophical problems of modern medical science, and various aspects of the history of statehood in Uzbekistan.

  All employees of the departments are actively involved in the research work of the department and the university. Currently, 2 employees have successfully defended their dissertations at the department: Makhmudova A.N., Usmonova L.R., and 5 employees are independent applicants (Majidov Sh.F., Makhmudov S.Kh., Abdumazhidova H., Tursunova G, Umurov Sh.R.).

  Over the past 5 years, the staff of the department has published more than 350 scientific papers, including 8 teaching aids, 8 monographs, 30 electronic programs, more than 150 articles in leading national and international journals.

  In addition, the staff of the department is engaged in a lot of educational work within the University and outside it, meetings, seminars and round tables are actively held on topical issues of the political and socio-economic life of the republic.

Foreign monographs:

1. Makhmudova A.N. "Issues of legal socialization of a person in modern civil society" 09.00.04. "Social philosophy". SamDTI 2022. January 25. No. 6 Scientific Council Published by Novateur Publication. India

2. Makhmudova A.N., Afanaseva O.A., Khramova K.V. "The science of history and philosophy: science and history of modern civilization". Samarkand-Ufa, 2022

Republican monographs:

1. Yuldasheva D. Yu. "Actual problems of practical philosophy". Samarkand, "SamDChTI" publishing house. Monograph. 528 p.

Textbooks and study guides:

1. Z.M. Muhammedova, J.A. Rizaev, A.N. Makhmudova. Bioethics. (uzb., rush.). Tashkent: 2021. 343 p.

2. B.I. Ismailov, A.N. Makhmudova "Issues of prevention of corruption in the field of higher education" (Teaching manual). SamDTI, Samarkand, 2021. 99 p.

3. Majidov Sh.F., Kurbanov Sh.Sh., Makhkamova N.A. "Use of historical terms in the course of the lesson" (study guide). Samarkand, 2022. 151 p.

Software Product Certifications:

1. Makhmudova A.N. The program for the implementation of the protection of the rights of patients in the field of protecting the health of citizens in Samarkand (notification) 10.04.2022 DGU 2022 1751

2. Usmonova L.R., Makhmudova A.N. A program that determines the place of art in the development of the spiritual life and philosophical-aesthetic thinking of people. 13.03.2022 DGU 2022 1121

3. Makhmudova A.N. Program for the development of leadership qualities of students and young people in the modernizing society 02.16.2022. DGU 2022 0653

4. Makhmudova A.N. Makhmudov S.Kh. Program organization of independent and scientific research work of medical students in social and humanitarian disciplines (na primere SamGMU) 13.06.2022 DGU 2022 1121

5. Majidov Sh.F. Binary relationship program of myocardial infarction symptoms and diagnoses 05/16/2022 DGU 2022 2730

6. Abdumajidova Hamida; Makhmudova Aziza Nugmanovna UZ; The program of the integration processes of Uzbekistan Central Asia and the activation of social and political relations. 12.08.2022 DGU 2022 4290