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History of the department

  In 1938-1948, physical education classes were held as optional at Samarkand State Medical University. The department of physical education was first established in SamDTU in 1948. The department was headed by different heads in different years. 1948-1950 years B.P. Kondratyuk, 1950-1964 years Y.S. Skitov, 1964-1996 years P.V. Tokarev, 1997-1998 years M.Kh. Hamrokulov, 1998-2000 years E.A. Abduraupov, 2000-2005 years I.Z. Makhmatov, 2005-2005 In 2006, S. Mamarasulov, from 2006 until now, M. SH. Muratov has been managing it.

  Since 2006, the head of the physical education department is M.SH.Murodov. During the work with the teachers of the department, they hold many contests and ensure the participation of students. The department has created all conditions for all sports sections, volleyball, basketball, chess, football, table tennis and boxing to conduct training with students during all academic hours.

  Teachers of the department regularly participate in student sports and other competitions. In addition, teachers of the department select talented athletes from among students, prepare them for regional, republican and other prestigious sports competitions.

  Department of Physical Education and Sports from the 2021 academic year, the name of the department was changed to "Civil Defense Physical Education and Sports" Department.