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Student Scientific Society

    The departments of the institute are working hard to organize research work with gifted students. Each department has a scientific circle of students, which prepares future doctors and teachers for scientific and practical activities. The topics of the circle meetings are varied, allowing students to choose from a range of research interests. The faculty is systematically working to identify talented young people and work with them. Every year, students of the faculty participate in the Republican Olympiads in various disciplines and win.
    Participation in various international and international scientific conferences is the result of the activities of various circles. Every year, students of the Faculty of Medical Pedagogy participate in international medical conferences and win first-class diplomas and commemorative gold medals.

    Participation of students in the work of scientific circles is an integral part of the educational process in the work of the faculty. It employs more than 150 students. The materials of research works are published annually at the conference of young scientists of the university, and the best works are annually submitted to inter-university scientific conferences, which win 10-15 prizes. This allows the dean’s office to think about post-graduate education, the appointment of nominal scholarships for students, the selection of candidates for research work, postgraduate studies, advanced training abroad, and so on.

3 students of the faculty became the winners of the "Rector's Scholarship" introduced at the institute