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Spiritual and educational work of the faculty

  As the sages of the East have said: "Education cannot be separated from education, and vice versa, education cannot be separated from education." The faculty prepares doctors and pedagogues, therefore special attention is paid to spiritual and educational work in the training of highly qualified personnel. The motto of our faculty is: "High spirituality is an invincible power." The first President I.A. Karimov's book under this title is considered the main guide for every employee and student of every faculty. Spiritual and educational work is carried out at the beginning of the academic year based on the plan approved by the vice-rector.

  One of the main activities of the faculty is to form moral values in students, to be interested (interested) in their professional activities, the necessity of a healthy lifestyle, and to involve them in public and cultural events of the institute. For the implementation of these tasks, the Faculty has a board of trainers, who carry out their activities according to the approved plan. Each group of the faculty is assigned a coach, selected from experienced pedagogues. In order to meaningfully spend free time, students of the faculty are involved in public events, amateur initiatives under the guidance of trainers, visit historical monuments and notable monuments, theaters and museums of Samarkand and the Republic.

  Students of the faculty have been participating in various creative competitions held in our country. Great attention is paid to physical education and sports. Faculty students participate in swimming, tennis, chess, football, basketball, volleyball, national wrestling, oriental wrestling, and athletics sections operating on the basis of the sports complex of our institute. They actively participated in regional and national sports competitions.   Cultural and public work is aimed at meaningful organization of free time of students. One of the main directions of the faculty's activity is the formation of high moral values in students, the education of interest in professional activities, the need for a healthy lifestyle, and the involvement of students in cultural and public events of the institute. To fulfill these tasks, the faculty has a coaching council, its activities are carried out in accordance with the approved plan. Each group of the faculty is assigned a trainer from among experienced pedagogues. Under the guidance of instructors, students of the faculty actively participate in public events, organize cultural recreation, visit historical monuments and attractions, theaters and museums of Samarkand city.

Travel with a coaching group

  Spiritual and educational work is carried out on the basis of an approved plan, according to which various events are held in cooperation with historical dates, national holidays, sports competitions, internal affairs bodies, law enforcement agencies, spiritual centers and other partner organizations.

Together with the assistants of the department of psychiatry, medical psychology and narcology, visit to the student residence No. 3

  Each curator has a working plan, based on which various activities are held with the mentoring group. Each curator has information about each student and their daily life. There are also albums and CDs that feature scenes from the events. Dean and deputy deans of the faculty regularly meet with group mentors and students. Every Thursday, classes begin with familiarization with "information hour" materials.

Participation of faculty students in the marathon dedicated to April 7 World Health Day