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Educational-methodical works of the faculty

  Educational and methodological work at the faculty is organized in accordance with the educational regulatory documents of the Republic of Uzbekistan:

1. "Law on Education" of the Republic of Uzbekistan (August 29, 1997).

2. National personnel training program (August 29, 1997).

3. "Regulation on Higher Education" dated January 9, 2003. Approved by OUMTV.

4. 5510200 State educational standard in the field of "Medical pedagogic work".

5. Model and working educational programs for subjects in the field of education "Medical pedagogic work" approved by OO'MTV.

7. "Regulation of the rating system for monitoring and evaluating students' knowledge in higher education institutions" as amended by Order No. 333 of OO'MTV dated August 25, 2010.

8. Order of SamMI Rector No. 43 dated September 2, 2013 "On the organization of educational activities in the institute in the module system".

9. Order of SamMI rector No. 951/U of December 19, 2013 "On organization of educational sessions at the institute in the module electronic training system".

10. "Recommendation for evaluation and control of students' knowledge in the organization of the educational process in the credit-module system" approved by protocol No. 9 dated June 15, 2016.